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Full oil change service

Our team of experienced professionals offers a complete oil change service in Montreal. We begin by changing your vehicle’s used oil, ensuring that all unwanted residue is removed. Next, we replace the oil filter with a new high-quality one. Finally, we refill your engine with new oil, recommended by the manufacturer to ensure optimal performance.

Choice of high quality oils

At our Montreal garage, we understand the importance of using superior quality oils when changing your oil. That’s why we offer you a selection of oils from reputable brands, adapted to your vehicle’s particular specifications and needs. We ensure that your engine receives the highest quality oil for optimal lubrication and maximum wear protection.

Full inspection

In addition to providing a quality oil change service, we also perform a complete inspection of your vehicle during the oil change procedure. Our qualified technicians check fluid levels, belts, air filters and brakes. This inspection allows us to detect any potential problems and advise you on any necessary repairs or additional maintenance, giving you peace of mind.

Benefits of Oil Change Service

Extends the life of your engine

Regular oil changes are essential to maintaining the health of your engine. Clean, fresh oil helps reduce the build-up of deposits and particles that can damage internal engine components. By choosing our Montreal oil change service, you will extend the life of your engine and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns.

Improves vehicle performance

When your engine is lubricated with clean, quality oil, it runs more smoothly and efficiently. This translates into better overall performance for your vehicle, including improved fuel economy, increased throttle response and reduced emissions. Trust our Montreal oil change expertise to keep your vehicle in top shape and enjoy a smooth ride.

Keep your manufacturer’s warranty

Many car manufacturers require regular maintenance, including oil changes, to keep the vehicle’s warranty valid. By choosing our Montreal garage for your oil change, you can be assured that we are following the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil change intervals and the type of oil to use. By maintaining a complete maintenance history and getting professional services from us, you protect your vehicle’s warranty and avoid any problems with potential claims.